DIfference/benefits between Infopath forms versus Outlook forms?

Is there any benefits or differences in using Infopath forms versus the regular Organizational Library forms in Outlook?

I have to revamp a few of our older forms and was wondering if I'd see anything better out of Infopath or not.

My requirements for the forms:

- able to email them to anyone, forward them, etc. (just like the old ones)
- able to export the fields and data to excel
- hopefully able to export the fields and data to Sharepoint (would be nice but not required per say)

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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, TheCleaner.

There are benefits to both, but I believe in an Office 2007 environment that InfoPath has a distinct edge.  InfoPath forms are easier to build, more flexible, easier to export data, have inherent work-flow capabilities, integrate with Sharepoint, and in Office 2007 have a high level of integration with Outlook.  They also enable you to share forms with organizations that don't use Outlook, whereas an Outlook form requires Outlook to function.  
TheCleanerAuthor Commented:
Thanks BlueDevilFan,

Do I have to have Infopath installed (therefore licensed) on every workstation?  Or just create the form in Infopath and publish it for all to use?
David LeeCommented:
InfoPath would have to be on every computer.
TheCleanerAuthor Commented:
Righto...Thank you.
David LeeCommented:
You're welcome.
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