XP Pro won't boot past alt-ctrl-del screen

Suddenly, My Toshiba laptop will not boot past the alt-ctrl-del screen, so I don't even get to a login prompt.
Hitting the alt-ctrl-del combo does nothing.   In fact, while  my USB mouse isn't recognized, my touch-pad mouse works initially... I can move the alt-ctrl-del screen around anywhere I want.  I can even click on "help" and see the animation, but as soon as I hit any key whatsoever, the mouse stops responding.  Also,  

I would suspect a hardware problem, except that I can get into the BIOS and keystrokes all work correctly,  I booted in Knoppix and the keyboard operates normally.

I ran a repair operation from my SP2 CD and was informed that windows had made repairs to my installation, but on reboot the same problem still exists.

This all leads me to believe that Windows alone can't communicate with my keyboard.  This probably means the problem must be in the Hardware Abstraction Layer!?!   Does anyone know how to reinstall the HAL, maybe from the Recovery Console?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Zac HarrisConnect With a Mentor Systems Administrator Commented:
Go to this link... http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ht/restorehaldll.htm

It details a step by step guide to restore your HAL from the XP CD.


had you tried last know configuration.
Did you run spyware and antivirus check
can you login via safe mode
AdminAssociatesAuthor Commented:
It took a little finagling with the attributes to get it to overwrite the old HAL, but that was the ultimate solution.  I did not think the HAL was one single file. You certainly responded very quickly and I appreciate it a lot. Thank you so much.
This is often caused by spyware removal. The first boot after removing real bad spyware. The operation was a success but the patient died. Did you run Spybot just before you had this happen?

I can only suggust you do a Windows repair from booting to the windows CDRom.
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