Pix 501 randomly loses internet connectivity.

About once to twice a day all of the internal PCs lose internet connectivity.  Restarting the PIX resolves the issue.  Also this may help in diagnosing, when internet connectivity is down I can still ping the PIX but cannot connect to it by using the PDM until after it is restarted.  This PIX has been working fine with no problems for 3 years until these issues started about 1 week ago.  To go ahead and answer the obvious question, no recent changes have been made to the network, the PIX or anything.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could be any number of things. How many user license? 10? Any chance you are now hitting #11?
Is the public IP dynamic or static? If dynamic, it could be ISP issue.
Could be that little guy is just getting tired. Power supply wearing out. Usually the first thing to go.
Have you tried replacing it with something else just to rule out other issues?
Could have a virus or worm internally that is causing to many xlates that it can't handle and just stops passing traffic.
Could have syslogging enabled using tcp and that shuts down traffic passing if the syslog server can't take the syslogs (disk full usually, or not accessible anymore)
bwright1Author Commented:
Question 1 -  10 licenses.  I was under the impression the license count was for the max amount of IPSEC tunnels i could have, but I guess I'm mistaken.  There are about 75 computers on the internal network and have been for years now without a problem, if this helps to clarify anything.

Question 2 - The IP is static.

Question 3 - Could be wearing out, but I never lose power if that helps.  I do have another PIX 501 that is still in the box.  I have it as a backup just in case this one ever died.  I can try the power supply from that one or replace it entirely if need be.

Question 4 - I have Anti-Virus software on all computers so I hope this is not the case.  But if so, how can i tell the amount of xlates (define please - limited router terminology knowledge) there are and how many is actually too much.

Question 5 - After your suggestion and another loss of internet connectivity, I went into the Pix device manager to System Properties.  Under Logging the Enable Logging box was checked.  I have unchecked this to disable logging.  Now I will see how long it stays working after making that change.

Thanks for the help and anymore suggestions.
bwright1Author Commented:

Disabling logging seems to have resolved the issue.  Thanks for the help.
bwright1Author Commented:
I didn't get asked to assign points after selecting your answer as the solution.  Did you receive the points?  I want to make sure you got credit.

Got it, not problem. Thanks!
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