Power not coming on - motherboard has a green light

I have an eMachine that won't power up.  I have replaced the power supply, but it didn't help.  I am getting a green light on the motherboard, but nothing else (fans, HD, optical drives) have power.  Is it the motherboard?  The power cables are seated properly.
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It sounds like it should be the motherboard that is causing the issue. You have done most of the troubleshooting already. There is only 1 thing left to check and that is the ram. If you have more than 1 stick try removing all but one and testing, then do the same with the other sticks. If that does not work I would say it is the motherboard.
Good luck.
Was the original power supply a Bestec 300 watt? If so, it probably took out the motherboard when it failed. That was a common problem with eMachines PCs manufactured several years ago.
oneononecompAuthor Commented:
It was a Bestec 250W.
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My error -- it was the Bestec 250 watt PSUs which had the problem. My memory gets fuzzy at times.

As I recall, all the motherboards wre FIC manufactured boards. Most of the ones I've seen were Socket A (Athlon XP) motherboards. There are no visible signs of damage on the motherboard. There is usually at least one blown or severely leaking capacitor in the power supply.

Post back if you need help with a replacement motherboard. Include info on CPU. A standard uATX motherboard will fit in the case.

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oneononecompAuthor Commented:
Solution was quick and dead-on. Thanks.
oneononecompAuthor Commented:
The CPU is a model T2984.  Can you recommend a MB?
Sorry for the delay. Here is the best fit I found. It is an identical motherboard except for BIOS tailored to eMachines. You may have to do a repair install of XP since the BIOS signature is not present.

The seller is located in China which causes some concern, but their feedback is very good.
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