Why is the Remote Install Tab not showing up in the active directory after I install RIS on a server?

I installed Remote Installation Services on a Windows Server 2003 Appliance Edition SP1 (a domain member), but after installing, rebooting, and running RIS Setup, the "Remote Install" Tab is not showing up for that server in the Active Directory. WHY?

DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory are all installed on a Domain Conroller server running Windows Server 2000 SP4. Is there a conflict between the 2000 and 2003 server?

I authorized (and tested) the DHCP server using DHCP snap-in, and I also authorized the RIS server.

Another note: Active Directory seems to be running on more than one server here.

But where is that Remote Install Tab?
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I'm running a 2003 with RIS (Which is called Windows Deployment Services on 2003 server)
It might be that you're looking under the wrong name.

I use WDS a lot for my installs, it's really, really handy. You shouldn't have any problems with having a 2000 server on the same network at all.
jastillAuthor Commented:
Yes, RIS has been updated and renamed Windows Deployment Services....if you have installed Service Pack 2, but I have SP1 and am still using RIS.

I am not the senior systems admin here, so I cannot update to SP2 and WDS.

Thanks for replying!
Your most welcome :)

If you can, the move to SP2 is a good one. I've not had any problems since installing it and it's worth it just for WDS
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jastillAuthor Commented:
Anyone else have an idea?
jastillAuthor Commented:
I resolved my problem!
I don't have RIS installed on the Windows 2000 Server  that runs the Active Directory(because I have it installed on a Windows 2003 Server SP1),  and Windows 2000 Server does not automatically install the snap-in that is required to display the "Remote Install" tab on an RIS server in the AD.
 It will install that snap-in if you install RIS on that machine. But, as mentioned, I already have RIS installed on a Windows Server 2003 machine, and I don't need it on the 2000 Server.
My solution was to install the Remote Server Administration Tools, whichyou can install by running  a file called "adminpak.msi", located in the I386 folder on the Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Advanced Server CD-ROM.
I didn't have the CD on hand, so I did a search for "adminpak.msi" on my 2000 server, and behold, it was found in the system32 folder. I double clicked the file and  was prompted to reinstall the file (it had apparently already been installed...but for some reason wasn't working).
I open the active directory, navigated to the computer that is running RIS, right clicked > Properties, and voila! The Remote Install Tab is there!
jastillAuthor Commented:
Here is a screenshot, and a briefer description of the solution:
If the "Remote Install" tab is not displaying for an RIS server in the Active Directory, and the Active Directory is on a Windows 2000 Server, it may be because the snap-in required to display the tab is not installed in Windows 2000 Server unless you have RIS installed on that server.
To install the required snap-in without installing RIS on the 2000 server, install (or reinstall) adminpak.msi. This file is located in the I386 folder on the Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2000 Advanced Server CD-ROM. If you don't have the CD, try a file search on the 2000 Server for "adminpak.msi". Adminpak is the Remote Server Administration tools snap-in.
For more info, check out the Microsoft Knowledge Base article:


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