How to block unwanted neighbors' wireless networks from "Choose a Wireless Network" screen.

We're in a crowded manufacturing district.  Neighbors' wireless networks are visible on our WinXP Pro machines.  I want ONLY our internal network to be visible, so that our employees don't try to hack in to our neighbor's networks.  I called D-Link.  First tier support said it can't be done.  I find that hard to believe.
Bruce PollardIT DirectorAsked:
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Unfortunately they are right. Only way it can be made invisible to you is for your neighbours to put there AP into hidden mode. Nothing you can really do from your end.

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Bruce PollardIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Surprise surprise.  Oh well.  Thanks much!
Peter HartCommented:
you could cover your building in bacofoil to stop the wireless signals from entering your building.
unfortunately if your building can receive radio, mobile phone signals, then your building will receive wi-fi.  Now can you stop every pc in your building from receiving other wi-fi signals -not really.
unless you go to every p and stop the wireless connection being visible - which would hide the netowrk icon - but if you are worried about your staff hacking into your neighbours then they will be able to find the wireless netowrks no matter what you do.
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You didn't really give many people time to reply to this with solutions that might have worked for you.  Oh well.
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Bruce PollardIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Darr247.  I'm still receiving emails when a comment is placed.  I don't understand your point, though.  Do you have a better answer, but since I trusted and accepted the confirmation of D-Link's tech support person, I won't receive it?  I'm new to this, so I guess I don't understand the rules.
Peter HartCommented:
Hi BDPollard, yes you still get the post , but since the question is closed 'we' can't get given any points for answering or suggesting solutions, and that's really all we live for :-)
my bacofoil solution would have worked ;-)
Bruce PollardIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
>'we' can't get given any points for answering or suggesting solutions, and that's really all we live for.  :-)

Wow.  All kidding aside, I guess it's time for me to wake up and smell the coffee.  I've been working on computers since 1976 as a USC (CA) student.  20+ years as IT Director at my current company.  My memories of asking questions of other IT folk are of a magnanimous culture which derives pleasure in the simple act of helping others.  I've certainly been guilty of that on many occassions over the past few decades.  I didn't realize that this website was different.  Thanks for the explanation.  I'm still learning my way around the rules here and perhaps didn't realize how all-important the points are.
Maybe I should re-post the question, then wait a day or so for a variety of answers.
Peter HartCommented:
if you start monitoring the questions and answer them yourself and get the points eventually you get  to the stage where the exchange is free in return for answering questions (and getting x points/per month) - it becomes additive after while, but this exchange is so good I would still pay due to the good advice I get when I'm stuc. in the real world
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