Block mails for Do not send list

In my company,there is a new rule implemented stating that
We should not send mails to some 5 persons who are in DO NOT SEND LIST.
Some times by mistake,we are sending mails to them which should not happen.

So i want help,where the outlook or any script should not send mails to those particular users.

Could naybody help pls?
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debuggerauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook itself does not have the feature you require, do you have access to a packet filtering firewall?
Are you using POP or Exchange RPC connectivity? If you were connecting via exchange, you could create a helper application to filter them for you..
I still think the forms approach the easiest to accomplish without too much effort.

I didn't think so, to prevent emails to certain domains, you could provide a incorrect static entry in the DNS table to your own server, so the emails fail..
But for certain email addresses explicitly, you would require an outbound smtp filter.
Or, you could redesign the mail template to include logic that would filter out those email addresses in code..
noor_amrAuthor Commented:
Actually, I dont want to prevent sending mails to Domain.
Instead i want some 5 email address to be prevented to send by anyone.

For ex the 5  email address could be like, ad so on...
Even though by mistake any of my colleague sends, it should boune or fail.

Expecting support

Looks like it has been abandoned..
Your always deleting my abandoned questions, without refund, while other moderators appear to give consideration to experts who actually try to answer..
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