Datagrid and variable height

I am trying to dynamically adjust the height of each row depending on the amount of text there is. Is this something only AS3 or Flex can do? Or am I missing something?
function dataGridFunction() {
	var characters:Array = new Array(new Array("01", "Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry", "Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld"), new Array("02", "Elaine", "Benes"), new Array("03", "Cosmo", "Kramer"), new Array("04", "Jocopo", "Peterman"), new Array("05", "Lloyd", "Braun"), new Array("06", "Estelle", "Costanza"), new Array("06", "George", "Costanza"), new Array("08", "Frank", "Costanza"), new Array("09", "David", "Puddy"), new Array("10", "Mickey", "Abbott"), new Array("11", "Morty", "Seinfeld"), new Array("12", "Helen", "Seinfeld"));
	for (var i:Number = 0; i<characters.length; i++) {
		var id:String = characters[i][0];// I added this field
		var firstName:String = characters[i][1];
		var lastName:String = characters[i][2];
		dataGridMain.addItem({ID:id, First:firstName, Last:lastName});
		dataGridMain.variableRowHeight = true;
	dataGridMain.wordWrap = true;
	dataGridMain.setStyle("alternatingRowColors",["0xF0F0F0", "0xFFFFFF"]);
	dataGridMain.setStyle("selectionColor","0x5ec40b");// was 0xFFF97D

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i think what you're looking for is the CellRenderer.
have a look in the help file - there's explanations on how it works and some samples on how to create multiline cells so i think that should resize according to the content.
haven't tried it myself but its worth a shot.
oh wait, i just read this in the help file.
as you know the DataGrid extends the list

" The following are some fundamental assumptions and requirements that Adobe used when developing the List class:

Lists have uniform row heights.
Every row must be the same height; the height can be set during authoring or at runtime.

Lists must scale to thousands of records.
Lists don't measure text.

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