Contacts not searchable, not autopopulating in Outlook

Having a problem with Outlook where one of our users has a large amount of contacts (probably in the 700 range), and is now having sporadic problems searching her contacts, and having them autopopulate. In other words, some of the contacts seem to be deleting themselves, or the search function isn't searching the correct listings. The user is positive that these contacts existed, and is frustrated that they aren't searchable in contacts as they previously were.

The second problem-and what is really strange-is that when the user tries to save the contact after re-typing it in, it will say that the contact already exists, even though the find tool couldn't find the email address prior. So for example, if there is a contact on their outlook that is Experts Exchange, and the email is, they can't find them in their contacts or have auto-populate. But then when they try and save, it will say that the entry already exists.

Computer in question is a XP SP3 laptop with MS Outlook 2003, which connects to Exchange 2003.

Has anyone had a similar situation?
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aherpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open up the address book on the local computer,

In Tools -> Options

You should have a series of address books. One will be where the personal addresses are being saved to. It will say "Keep personal addresses in the following address book"

You now have to add this to the "

When sending emails, check addresses from the following address books in that order"
Make sure they're actually talking about contacts and not autocomplete. Many users mistakenly think that when they start typing a name in the To: field, it pulls from their contacts to autocomplete. This is not the case. The autocomplete list is built as the user responds to and sends email. This can be a problem when a user has to change systems or needs a system rebuild.

Info about copying the autocomplete name list:
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