AS400 locally attached printer not printing

I have a PC with a Brother FAX4100 alll in one attached via USB to the PC. This is printing fine from the PC. I have created an iSeries printer session for this printer. I have done no extra configurations except call it a printer and associate the printer using the printer setup. When sending a print job form the AS400 I can visually see the hand shake on the printer emulated session. The printer lights up and shows receiving data, the pc printer shows spooling data then it appears to send it to the printer, but the printer goes back to sleep.
I don't know if maybe there is a generic driver I should be using?
I don't know if maybe I should use a PDT? I have never used one before.
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Gary PattersonConnect With a Mentor VP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
That printer is a Windows GDI printer.  Specifying a PDT will not work. 

They use a proprietary printer data stream, and don't work with Host Print Transform (HPT) or a PC5250 Printer Definition Table file.  They also will not work to print *AFPDS spooled files through HPT.

This printer should work as a Client Access printer without a PDT.  Make sure you are running the current XP service pack, latest Brother Printing System driver, and are have applied the most recent Client Access service pack for your OS version.  

If you continue to have trouble, remove and reinstall the printer driver software, and create a new Client Access Printer session.  as a last resort, remove and reinstall Client Access to ensure that you don't have a corrupt installation.

- Gary Patterson

MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Yes Use a PDT, just try what PDT works the best for you.
start with the basic_ascii.pdt.

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