How do I enable Public forders exchange 2003 in OMA?

Our organization, as well as many of our clients uses Exchange public folders for Calendar functions and storing client and vendor information.

Microsoft enabled phones (such as the Motorola Q) are ending up in our customers hands and we cannot seem to get the Public folders to show.

Where can I enable this to show, or is there another application I am missing?

Thank you
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michaelgoldsmithConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a solution to get OWA on OMA enabled devices. It is the only way scale down OWA to achieve your desires result which is to have public folders on your PDA devices.

I have heard people have had success with this program.

Or, get everybody iPhones...
bcameron70Author Commented:
Looks good, however I am looking to get Public Folders to show in Outlook Mobile Access, the link seems to cover Outlook Mobile aAccess.  Thank you though
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