cisco pix 525 configuration

Hello, I'm fairly new at configuring firewalls, I have made some changes to the pix configuration but they dont seem to take effect. I was thinking that the order in which the configuration lines are in has to do with it. is this correct? if so, how can I move the lines up or down in the configuration. all comments are appreciated.
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The order is certainly important with acls

Correct. Acl is always evaluated top down till first match.

access-list dmz permit ip host host
access-list dmz deny ip
access-list dmz permit ip any

Remove the old ones in any order
no access-list dmz permit ip host host
no access-list dmz deny ip
no access-list dmz permit ip any

Then re-input them in the proper sequence.
If you are using the PDM GUI, you can simply cut/paste the rule in the proper places in the acl.

Lots of "depends" here. Depends on which version of PIX OS you have, depends on if you are using PDM interface. Depends on what kind of commands they are. Sometimes you can re-enter the same command with different information and it overwrites it, and sometimes you can re-enter the same command with new information and you have it twice so you have to go back and delete the old information.
Bottom line is what exact commands are you trying to input?
hherreraAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your comment, the pix version is 6.3(5) and the command is
 access-list dmz deny ip  access-list dmz permit ip any                                         access-list dmz permit ip host host          
 that is the order it is in right now. I'm not sure if the last line has a problem with the first line.
thanks for your comments.
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