Norton Antivrus continous asking Scanning for traces of SecurityRisk.ProxyDNS

Have a computer runing Win XP.  Start Norton Antivrus 2008. During the scan the program stalls at 'Scanning for traces of  SecurityRisk.ProxyDNS'.  Have un-installed and re-installed with the same results..  Any one know why?
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aleghartConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Pretty clear explanation.

What addresses are you using for your DNS servers?
Confirm they are from a trusted provider.

Or, just change to

These are some of the original GTE DNS name servers.
Ironically, they are far faster than the DNS servers that Verizon tells you to use when you connect to their service.  (Their DNS servers re-direct to their own search pages, instead of correctly failing a bad lookup.)
No idea off the top of my head. A quick google search does'nt reveal anything either.
The only thing I can suggest is to run another independent scan to see if another scan picks up traces of SecurityRisk.ProxyDns and if Norton is hanging on it because it finds it.

One of the best virus scanners is ESET's. They have a free online scan which I have used many many times and think that it is one of the best - only thing is that it does'nt clean viruses.

Another option is running the portable version of Clamwin.

Run those see if they pick anything up and then  see if Norton works after that.
Did you ever manage to clean the virus/fix your problem?
RegLapriseAuthor Commented:
I have not found the source of the problem.  Still investigating
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