What to do about this error message during installation?

I've clicked on the link to get the MN-510 drivers, but during installation it reports that another installation has already started and must be completed before coninuing.  What to do???
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Check your task manager for any running installations or a duplicate running installation and end it.

open task manager by right clicking on the task bar and selecting task manager, in there look for running programs and end any duplicates. you can also go to the exact process of an application by right clicking it i the running programs and selecting go to process. this will also allow you to check for any duplicate processes that may be running.
You can also just reboot the computer.

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I'm just guessing now, to be honest, but I once encountered a similar problem on my girlfriend's laptop which vanished after I had changed the following registry data:


These are all REG_DWORD entries. Ignore those that don't exist in your registry, but set the existing ones to "0".
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DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity EngineerCommented:
Usually this indicates a program ( or Installation) began but was not completed.
The inital code was runa nd some files were created or copied . when it is run again it checks to see if those files exist and reports back YES .....
the solutions run the gambit.
1- Sometimes you can delete the 'partial install'
2- If you know the file it is looking for you may be able to delete it or remove from Registry..
I had  A Java Runtime say the same thing - turned out an older version was running and attached to an older legacy application - fortunatelly I had the file name and could remove from the registry.
apx_31088Author Commented:
I did the reboot thing, and that solved the problem.
You present a "problem" to Experts Exchange without even having tried a reboot first???
I am stunned.
torimar & everyone...we shouldn't criticize people for asking questions.  he's a premium member and paying for help, we should help him.  apx - it's all good.  It just shows we all tend to start rebuilding the engine when all it needs is a quart of oil...
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