IIS 6.0: What is the sub application feature used for?

Hi everyone,
IIS 6 (I just concern with IIS because I'm using it :P) allows us to create sub web applications for sub folders of a web application. I.e. we can create a virtual folder/web site for a Web Application, right click on one sub folder of it -> properties -> Create sub application.
What is this feature used for? Is it run in the same AppDomain with its parent?
Web Application here means ASPNET 2.0 application.
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QPRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
allows you to run some code/pages in their own application pool (memory space) so that if one site/app plays up it does not affect the performance of another. If I have read your question correctly.
thuannguyAuthor Commented:
Yeah, that's it. I thought the same. However, I didn't found much information about it in Google! That's why I have to come to this site!
Btw, do you know any resource for me to learn more?
Thank you in advance.
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