office 2007 windows installer keeps installing

office 2007
windows vista ultimate 64

everytime an office application is opened, windows installer continuously trys to install
this is most predominant within outlook

even when sending mail & recieving it sometimes wants to install something

i have removed all plugins from outlook & tried to do a repair but nothing has resolved

please suggest appropriate troubleshooting

oh and windows installer cleanup did nothing either nor has many registry scans
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MS Office uses Windows Installer to install itself.  The installer may be corrupt.  Reinstall the Windows Installer in add/remove programs.

matteovinciAuthor Commented:
easier said than done if i could figure out what it calls itself in vista
oh yes & im running SP1 as well, incase that helps or changes anything
all i can see in 'updates' are a whole list of updates
nothing named windows installer
same with the normal programs list
matteovinciAuthor Commented:
removing the installer folder in c:\windows & doing a complete registry clean seems to have alleviated the problem

meaning that the reason for closing is actualy the resolution so hence i will cancel the cancellation & post the solution for the benefit of others


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Hello matteovinci,

You may need the latest version of Windows Installer 4.5 for your system. Download and install from here

You do not need to uninstall the old version. The new version will over write the old version.

Hope this helps!
matteovinciAuthor Commented:
thanks war1
already tried that but already have the latest version so hence it wont install itself again
but all seems ok so far after removing the whole installer directory from c:\windows
i care little for any impact it may have on uninstalling any other software as it has fixed the problem of installer popping up with every little thing i do with office
so all is good & the earth is still orbiting around the sun
sometimes a hack works better than a "fix"
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