Crystall Reports logon issue across firewall


We are facing an error when we try to logon to the BO server using the crystal reports tool (Crystal Reports Enterprise XI Release 2 ) outside the firewall. The BO server is on a unix box within the client network and we are trying to login from a PC (using Crystal Reports Enterprise XI Release 2) which is outside that network.

1. Without including any IP addresses in the PC host file we get "Transport error:communication failure".

2. When I included the IP and name of the BO server in the PC host file (xx.xx.xx.xx host name) we got an error - "CMS host'' address was resoloved properly,but can not be reached to establish a CMS connection.Verify your router/firewall allows communication on port 6400."
(The IP address I include in the PC host file is the actual IP address of the BO server)

3. I know we have natted IP addresses.. and the IP address of the BO server appears to be different when I do a ping to the server outside the firewall i.e from the PC. When I include the IP address in the host file (which I get from the ping <servername> outside the firewall I get "Transport error:communication failure".

The port 6400 has been opened in the firewall. We are able to login to the CMC link and the Info view without any issues. I have not made any changes in the ccm.config file as of now.
It will be great to get some advise on this as it has become a high priority issue in our workspace now.

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ReetiJAuthor Commented:
I want to add that I logon using authentication as "Enterprise" from the login screen.
In the system name we give the "fully qualifiedserver name:6400"
ReetiJAuthor Commented:

I just made changes to ccm.config to add -port FQDN:6400 to cmsLAUNCH and -port FQDN at the end of other serverLAUNCH command lines.

Now we are getting : The System can be contacted,but there is no Central Management Server running at port 6400.

Any suggestions?

ReetiJAuthor Commented:

telnet <FQDN> 6400 is working fine from outside the firewall.

ReetiJAuthor Commented:
Hi All,

I had a breakthrough in logging to crystal reports enterprise outside the firewall. The following was done in our case:
1. Open the port 6400 on the server to allow traffic from outside the firewall.
2. Add the following command at the end in the cmsLAUNCH command line in ccm.config (ours is a BO server on Sun OS)
 -port FQDN:6400 -requestport XXXX
The -port parameter was explicitly specified to make CMS explicitly listen on port 6400.
The -requestport parameter was added to configure the server to register a fixed port (which has external access) with the CMS rather than letting it choose a dynamically selected XXXX can be any port which is not allocated to any app and is also open in the firewall)

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