State View of Distributed Applications in Service Level Dashboard View is "not monitored"

Hello all, I've created some distributed applications using the "Create a Distributed Application" wizard. I then used the Service Level Dashboard Application template. After that, I added an entity (web application) to the component group 1. If i open the state view in the monitoring pane under Distributed Applications, the distributed application is shown with a healthy state. If I view the state of the same DA under Service Level Dashboard Attributes, the state of the DA is "Not monitored". What did I wrong and why is the state showing as not monitored?

thanks for any help!
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wwwallyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should check if the following is true for you:
Cause: The Distributed Application Model was not built using the supplied template, or the Distributed Application Model contains an unsupported topology.
Resolution: Make sure the distributed application was created using the Service Level Dashboard Template. Make sure the distributed application only contains a top level of component groups and the objects within those component groups support health state rollup to the component group.
ch-fmnocAuthor Commented:
Does anybody has any idea?
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