Am swapping a server and need to install a card for a tape machine. The old card is an Adaptec 39160 with older long pci connector.

The new server has PCIE connectors. I have looked at the adaptec site and can only find one card that supports PCIE which is the 29320LPE. This is where my ignorance shows. the old card was a 160 ultra with the smaller cable sockets and the new one seems to be 320 ultra. Apart from the speed diff will the new one work with the tape drive (Quantum Ultruim 2 stand alone, rack mount) below is the link to the specs on the new card.

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dominicpassmoreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Proper termination is the most important part of interoperability between SCSI.

Assuming the cable can properly connect between the two ports then there should not be an issue.

If there is an issue, there should be no issue of damage as the physical interfaces employed by U160 and U320 are identical.
martin2123Author Commented:

i will buy and try
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