Recover certificate exchange in IIS7

I've deleted accidentally the automatic certificate that exchange 2007 creates in IIS 7.0 configuration. Now, I can't access to OWA using http and https. How can I recover that certificate?

I've installed Verisign certificate and when I acces owa inside and outside my network, it appears message "HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable"

In event viewer, appears event id 15301.

Is the certificate generated automatically necessary for echange validation?

thank you!
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xutiConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank you for answer!

I've spend three hours with the problem and I've the solution:

First of all I restarted windows 2008. When log in session, service "microsoft exchange - system operator" doesn't start. if this service doesn't run, OWA doesn't work. In that moment I didn't advised thad service was stopped and I start changind and modifying configurations and paramenters in IIS7. I changed the advanced configuration of the owa application and the habilited protocol I wrote http; https.

When I started all services referring exchange, owa doesn't work because of that change in owa configuration. Few minutes ago, I recover my error and put again http in habilited protocol in advanced configuration of owa application, in IIS7.

I'm so exhaust that I'll go to sleep right now (here in Spain it's 3 pm)

Thank You!!
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
The verisign cert should work, maybe you accidentally got rid of the private key?
For the self-signed cert you should be able to just create a new one and install that
Hopefully when you got the certificate you exported it along with the private key (.p12 or .pfx file) and can just use that to restore.

If you need to get the old one back and did not export, then look to your backups - you might want to restore to a spare box and go and export the certificate (including private key) and copy that over to your exchange box.
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