Anchor Tag killing my CSS

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I have an  Anchor Tag  which move the user further down the screen. However when this happens I loose all my css.

is it because my url has been changed from audit to audit.aspx/#registerd
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Could you post the url of the example? I'm thinking it's your markup at fault rather than audit.aspx/#registerd it should be audit.aspx#registerd - ie you've got a slash in there that shouldn't be there?


I am sorry that I can not post the URL  as it is an internal web site.

You were right about the slash.

My problem now is that the page is not scrolling down to the anchor.

my anchor is written as

<a href="#records"></a>

I have also written out my link in full

          <a href="http://localhost:1833/bluehaze/portal/audit/audit.aspx#records">

I will be ugrading from local host to a proper domain when everything works!
"I will be ugrading from local host to a proper domain when everything works!"

When you do that, it will work.  IE and direct links to inpage anchors doesn't work that well all the time, especially when you are on a local host and not the internet.  Put the page up on the internet and see !!!

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