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Is there some settings in Visual Studio 2005 enabling debugging in detail? For example I'd like to go into .NET methods when I press F11 (step into).

I remember sometimes I programmed in C++ under VS 2003 and it was possible to step into methods really deep.

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    In c++, it may be possible to go into a function (even MFC methods), as long as the source code resides on the machine.

 But in .Net, the source codes for .Net classes are not available. for example you wont be able to go into  
Int32.ToString(), because the source code is not there, only assemblies for the .Net library  are present.

 If you really want to know things in detail, I suggest you to take a look at the tool called IlDasm. The thing is you wont get a neatly formatted source code for this, Insted you will get code written in the Intermediate language which microsoft uses).

   I am sorry to say that there are no settings in VS which will do what you wanted.

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xRalfAuthor Commented:
But how is it possible, that Red Gate's .NET reflector will show the internals of methods?
Red Gate's .NET reflector is a decompiler. Meaning it decompiles Intermediate languge.

It does'nt give you the source code(i.e the logic). It gives you the type, the methord names, class names etc. thats all. IlDasm(which comes along with VS) does the same job. you dont need an extra tool for that.
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