Please make this simple CNAME & DNS

I need some help understanding what I need to do on the below  please, Thanks Alex

This is a fully qualified domain name which you wish to map to your help desk. Use this feature to map eg. to, so your users can access your help desk via a familiar URL. The domain name listed here will also be used in links inside emails sent from Zendesk.

Once you've added the host here, you must also create a CNAME DNS record that points to Your system administrator knows how to do this.
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rvthostConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"" is the easiest, in my opinion, cause it's just a simple DNS change.

But if you want the syntax you desire and to mask the URL, then the only way I know how to accomplish that is with a CNAME DNS change and a webpage redirection, within IIS for example.

So, here is how I did it, with a lot of assumptions that may differ based on your environment:

- Create a CNAME record for "helpdesk", pointing to ""

- Assuming you are hosting your website on IIS, I created a sub-folder called "helpdesk".  Within IIS, browse to this new folder, right-click and go to Properties.  

- On the directory tab, choose "A redirection to a URL" and enter the URL "" (thereby pointing to your new CNAME record)

Now when a user accesses\helpdesk, IIS will redirect them to "" which will then redirect them to "", and it will mask that last URL so users won't see where they really are.
Hi Alex_Jenkins,

On a server hosting your DNS service:

Open DNS console
In the left pane click on your Forward Lookup Zone
In the right pane, anywhere in the white area, left click and click on New Alian(CNAME)
Fill in the required details.

Alex_JenkinsAuthor Commented:
So if I want a url in my domian ...\helpdesk what do I need to do? Sorry to be lame with this but I am so confused.
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No problem, that's why you're here... To be assisted!

I'm pretty sure that if you add the CNAME, you'll be able to access the url in IE. Add the CNAME and make sure that the DNS setting are applied and test this.

It should work after that.

A question though... How exactly does this "application" work?
Alex_JenkinsAuthor Commented:
Okay I will have a look at this; the application is a web based help desk. I dont want my users going to them direct. I just want a link on my web space that routes straight to them but not revealing the url
If you create a CNAME for "helpdesk" and point it to "", then your users would access it by going to "".

If you wanted "\helpdesk" to point to the same thing, you'd have to look at a webpage redirection, not just a DNS change.
Alex_JenkinsAuthor Commented:
Okay lets make this simple:

I want\helpdesk which will goto but not showing there url only\ is that possible?
Be aware that the CNAME record will have a TTL (time to live) for its DNS entry.
This is the amount of time that a dns server on the internet which looks up that record can keep it cached before going back to the original DNS server to check if it has changed.
Default TTL in about 86400 seconds (1 day).

You probably want to shorten this to say 300 (5 minutes).

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