security vulnarability : Frontpage directory/file remnants found. Frontpage was previously installed


We had a website vulnarability scan done for some of our servers. The scan result says that 'Frontpage directory/file remnants found. Frontpage was previously installed'.
Their recommendation was to "Remove all traces of the Microsoft Frontpage web authoring tool. Examin all sites and remove superfluous files. Establish default error messages for public users that do not reveal system information".
Could you kindly suggest what steps i can follow to get a solution for the problem..

thanks in advance...

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TurboBorlandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right, it probably either scanned some kind of error page, like a 404, and at the bottom it said FrontPage.  That and/or you still have FrontPage directories in your site, such as _vti_vin/, _vti_pvt/, _vti_cnf/, and etc.  You probably also have files inside of those directories as well.
Here's something that you should be able to follow, even if you didn't use 3.0:

That should fix the problem, let me know if it's not exactly what the scanner found.
sanju_scaria_eeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply...
I am waiting for the client to get back to me about the issue..
After that i will start working on this..I dont have server access now.
let me check it and then i will get back to you..

Thank you so much..
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