Exporting rdlc Report to Excel and PDF


I am working on ASP.net 2.0 and C#

I have used rdlc to create report in the application.

How can I programmatically generate Excel and PDF file

Thanks in Advance
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Anurag ThakurConnect With a Mentor Technical ManagerCommented:
the export functionality is already given in the RDLC component for exporting to Excel and PDF
There is a export button on the report viewer tool bar, export option to be Excel or export to PDF
tia_kamakshiAuthor Commented:
But I am not using Report Viewer to show report on my ASPX file.

Therefore I need to export report to PDF and Excel file on clicking ASPX button or Image Button

Waiting for your reply

Thanks for looking into the issue.
tia_kamakshiAuthor Commented:
Many Thanks
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