Windows XP, Compaq, Error COMIX/1001

I have a Windows XP at my place for personal use.Since Im working in a Solicitor Co my work is in normally  DOS based programs.Now i copied files related to the program to my personal PC but whenever i try to run the program it does open but after entering the sub-menu it shows the Error COMIX/1001 and quits the program.Please suggest a remedy so that i can use the same program at my home.
Error COMIX/1001  Open error: D:\MMDATA\MMESRT.DBF
                   < DOS ERROR 4 >
              QUIT       RETRY    DEFAULT

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ShmoidConnect With a Mentor Senior EngineerCommented:
DOS error 4 indicates that there are not enough file handles.
Edit the file: c:\windows\system32\config.nt

Find the files setting and change it. It will look like this:


It may be a different number. Whatever the number, increase it.
When you copied the files, did you make sure to register any dll's that you may have on your work pc?  
Good call shmoid.
ShmoidSenior EngineerCommented:
Thanks samiam41.  

Since Burjese's time zone  is almost 12:00 hours ahead of mine, I guess we won't know if that worked until tomorrow.


I'm on EST so I will plan to check on it tomorrow.
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