Tivoli ~ need to write a UNIX script to start a job in Tivioli

I have three stored procedures SP_1.sql, SP_2.sql, SP_3.sql
and one text file FTP.txt

I was asked to write a UNIX script to kick these jobs off in Tivoli and never did this before.
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what do you actually want your script do do with the files?
Save them to TSM storage?
Run them in dsmadmc as TSM scripts? What about the .txt file?
JulieGraceAuthor Commented:
The stored procedues need to execute in Oracle, yet they are suppose to be started via Tivioli to run on demand.

The FTP.txt is a UNIX script to FTP files that needs to be initiated through Tivoli and started on demand as well.

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do you really mean the Tivoli Storage Manager? Although TSM could do what you requested, it's not very common to do so.
Basically, the steps would be -
1. Define a client schedule on TSM , mode 'CMD', object 'your script nn.sql'
2. Make sure the client scheduler process is running on your client
3. Let the central scheduler kick off the script at the time specified in the schedule.
btw. Out for a meeting, will be back in 1 hr.
Something new from your side?
What Tivoli product you are using? Provisioning manager or Storage manager???

Are you sure ther is no local scheduler on machine running oracle (atsvc, cron, anacron), so that you have to resort to external scheduler?
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