Full Screen Video on extended screen

Hi all,

I have a laptop with GeForce Go 7900GS. I've recently bought 22inch screen to extend my screen and I made the extended screen the primary. (so my laptop monitor is secondary extended screen).

I've noticed that every time I play a video it goes full screen on my laptop screen as well as small view on my main screen. Any idea why??
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Can you post a screenshot of this to help us understand. What program are you using to view the video?
I use dual screens with extended desktop without issues like this all time time. I use VLC as my media player. You may want to try it out.
I hope this helps. Good luck.
lucifer82Author Commented:
This is first time ever happened to me. I have never had this. Regardless of using VLC or Media Player it does the same thing. It seems to output the full screen on the extended monitor as well as the actual video I'm playing on my main.
You should check your display settings again and make sure that 'extend the desktop onto this monitor' is selected for your second monitor (eg. not using clone view). You may also want to run the dual display wizard under your nvidia control panel.
Good luck.
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lucifer82Author Commented:
Yea I've checked all the settings as much as I can but it still does =_="
You may want to uninstall both your display adapter and second monitor under the device manager. You can then restart, reinstall your nvidia driver, and see if that helps.
Good luck.
is the video the only thing showing up on both monitors or is your desktop showing up on both as well?
lucifer82Author Commented:
the desktop is setup as extended. So I can move stuff across to another monitor. However If I play the video on the main monitor (not in full screen) it will also show up in full size on the extended screen. I've never had this before.
Does this notebook happen to be a Dell? Other companies may do this too, but I believe it now to be because of a custom display driver. Try to open the nvidia control panel. Look for an option that says 'Full Screen Video' and change that to 'Full Screen Device'  
Hopefully that will help.
Also you may want to download that latest drivers from Nvidia (http://www.nvidia.com ) which also may resolve this issue.
Good luck.

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lucifer82Author Commented:
It's a toshiba P100

but yea I'll have a look at the nVidia control panel again when I get home.  For your information I have installed the latest drive from the nVidia site.
lucifer82Author Commented:
Hey thanks for the idea, I found the full screen video ^_^
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