Can I put a timer on an aspx page?

In VB.NET, how can I run a timer on a page which redirects the user to another page when the time runs out?  This is for a test-taking web app in which I want the test ended after a period of time and the user given her score.
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Luis PérezConnect With a Mentor Software Architect in .NetCommented:
You can do that in javascript. This example supposes that you desire to redirect at 5 seconds; replace with number of seconds that you want.

First, declare this function in javascript between your <HEAD> tag:
<script type="text/javascript">
    var seconds = -1;
    var redirect_at_seconds_number = 5;

    function Timer() {
        if(seconds == redirect_at_seconds_number) {
            document.location.href = 'new_page.aspx'; //or the location that you want
        } else {
            setTimeout("Timer()", 1000);

Second, in the <body> declaration of your page, attach this parameter:
<body onload="Timer()">

That's all. Hope that helps.
StovetopAuthor Commented:
Tremendous. Awesome. Fabulous.  Thanks so much.
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