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Well, I come into work this morning and there is a Nokia IP40 sitting on my desk, I ask what it is about, and apparently I am supposed to create a VPN for a private network. Now I was just hoping there was perhaps a guide on this or something, I have my CCNP so I am quite familiar with Cisco devices, but have never played with Nokias. Any help would be appreciated!

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andy_deruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nokia IP40 are usually provided with Checkpoint software. The capability depends on the type of license you have with your Nokia. Some basic knowledge about the type of devices.
IP tele8 /16/32/.. are the licenses for client to site VPN.
IP satellite 8/16/32/.. are the licenses for site to site VPN.
IP tele could only connect to IP satellite.

Setting up a vpn could be done using the GUI, which is available using http://my.firewall or http://defaultgwip once you are connected to the Nokia. Connect to the nokia using crosscable that is normally included in the box.
First time access, you will have to setup admin user and password.
In the menu, VPN, VPN sites, you could create the vpn as you wish. If you need more info about vpn in general, I could also try to explain.

I am not sure if you still have the possibility to buy a support contract for IP40.


Nokias need Check Point installed for them to work.

If you know cisco, then chances are you can configure a check point firewall, but if you know nothing about it, I would google quite a bit more on it.

If someone has given you a nokia, then I would ask that person for the Check Point software to put on it too,

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