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Hi, I am doing a project that uses a web based GUI and allows users to input information that is then sent to a server and calculated. The calculations to be performed are user specific and thus the system itself must be very general. The project itself is called General linear systems simulator, it will allow for various type of system data input and then output a graphic simulating the data after its "churned" through the system. ( The system may expose the data to multiple regression for example ) I am implementing the core in MATLAB. Could anybody give me some pointers as to how to connect the GUI elegantly with the core, I am just beginning to write Func spec
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Your project requires two components to be developed: The client component (Web GUI) and the server component. Developing a client/server architecture is straight forward. The challenge here is how the server component uses Matlab to serve the client component requests.
You have three alternatives:
  1. Write your Matlab functions, install Matlab on the server machine, and automate Matlab from the server component using the Matlab COM interface. See this example: Calling MATLAB Software from a Web Application
  2. Write your Matlab functions, compile them to dll using MATLAB Builder, and call the dll from the server component.
  3. Use The MathWorks - MATLAB Web Server

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pablo25Author Commented:
Thank you very much for that SyfAldeen thats very helpful. I have a feeling i will need to drop by here a few more times while i'm d!!oing this project!!!
I'm glad to offer help anytime.
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