Connecting 3com switch to existing network

i have a situation where i have to set up and configure 3com switch (4500 series, 50 port PoE).
i m connecting this switch in a room that has an existing network port(currently one avaya ip phone connected to it and a pc thru the ip phone).

I need this switch to be able to allow both voice and data. once i hook up this switch to the port
the data is working fine, but not voice.

so i need help configuring the ports on this switch.
the existing network structure is vlan 1= data and vlan 2=voice.

how should the individual ports be configured and how should the uplink port be configured.

thank you

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damalanoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
usualy you have to set up a trunk between the 2 switchports of the 2 switches.
Only then your vlan traffic will go over the trunk.  Than you can put  individual ports a vlan
icdl101Author Commented:
i used extreme switch instead of 3com, much easier to configure.
thank you for your input
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