Disable ALT + F4 in VBScript

Hi Experts,

I am currently working on a project to update all of the public access machines for a local authority.  At the moment there is a mixture of configurations, lockdowns and applications all stuck together in a massive workgroup.  The plan is to provide a consistent environment throughout the city on all machines.  

To prevent the public being given passwords the staff member in charge will log the users onto a workstation via a central machine.

As part of the login process users have to agree to our terms and conditions, if they do not agree the session will end and the user logged off.  If they press agree they are able to access the desktop.

As it currently stands I have developed an HTA page that runs in full screen blocking the desktop from view.

The only problem is that users are able to close the window using ALT F4 or get past it using the Windows Key.

Is there a way in Visual Basic to prevent these actions just for the HTA page?

Many thanks

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You can try this...http://vbscript-disable-keyboard.qarchive.org/
I don't know of a native way to accomplish it...
PCC_DTSAuthor Commented:
Hi Sirbounty,

Thanks for your assistance, it's a shame that VB won't do this but as this is a web page can this be done using some JScript?

Many thanks

VB can do it - vbscript, I don't think so.
My JScript's a bit rusty - but I found this PAQ: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Q_20863954.html - maybe it'll help?  
Good luck!

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PCC_DTSAuthor Commented:
Hi Sirbounty,
Thank you for your assistance and for pointing me in the right direction, I have found some suitable JScript code, it's thrown up a further problem but I will ask that in a new question in the JScript area.
Kindest regards

Great - best of luck.
Thanx for the grade! :^)
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