CRM 4.0 Email Router Mailbox not deleting items

We are using the Email Router for Dynamics 4.0.  An account and mailbox has been setup called CRM Mail.  This accounts mailbox has grown to 9 Gig.  Upon further inspection it looks like there are "forwards" of individuals emails in the Inbox of this account, that have been sent from our CRM Users.

Do these messages need to remain in the Inbox or can we safely delete them?  Are they supposed to be automatically deleted?

Also, why are all these emails showing up?

Thanks all!
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to put these answers in a better order:

First, the rule that was deployed to your CRM users forwards ALL email as an attachment to that CRMMail mailbox.

next, within the Email Router, what are you running the INCOMING profile as (I highly suggest an INCOMINGFWD profile that runs as the CRMMail account (you know it will have rights to read its own mailbox).

then, are all your users configured for Forward Mailbox as their incoming method within the User record?

Also, in the Users, Queues and Forward Mailbox tab, there should be a tab for Forward Mailbox, and that should be configured for the CRMMail and using the INCOMINGFWD profile.  There is a checkbox for whether you want to delete the mail from that mailbox.

Lastly, do you have reason to believe that the router is not functioning?  Check the Event Log on the router server.  Hit the Test Access button after Load Data on the Users, Queues, and FWD Mbx tab.

robrandonAuthor Commented:
WilyGuy, thanks for your response.

1.  Where would I verify what rule was deployed to all of our CRM users?

2.  The Email Router INCOMING profile is running as the crmmail account, so that's fine.

3.  Many, if not all, of the users are setup for "Forward Mailbox" for the E-mail access type - Incoming within the User record.

4.  Where do I find the Queues and Forward Mailbox tab?

I believe the router is functioning.  We are concerned with the size of this mailbox since we are only using about 20 users right now, and only for the past 2 months, and we are already up to 9 Gig in the mailbox.


1. If there are forwarded emails within the CRMMail mailbox, you have rules deployed.
You can run the Rule Deployment Wizard and do a "Verify" to determine to whom the rules were deployed (again you might be looking for who was NOT deployed because from the headers of the mail you see in the 9GB mailbox, you should be able to tell which users have it)
2. I only suggest the INCOMINGFWD profile in case you decide to use more than that method.  you should be fine if that is your only method.
3.  Again, good.
4. Within the Email Router Configuration, there are Profiles, Deployments and the 3rd tab is the one I referenced.  Then you Load Data and within that you should see the Forward Mailbox internal tab.

You should find the 3rd tab, Load Data, Test Access, and check the settings within the Forward mailbox tab for your CRMMail account.  Somewhere something is misconfigured or erroring.

By design, the mailbox is not intended to grow.
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robrandonAuthor Commented:
I found the Users, Queues, and Forward Mailboxes tab, but I don't have the checkbox you mentioned.  Ideas?

robrandonAuthor Commented:
Oops, I didn't see your response with the instructions regarding how to navigate to that checkbox, before I posted the screenshot above.

Are they any consequences with hitting the "Load Data" button?  I don't want to do anything risky as this is a production system.

No that just pulls in the user information so that you can see (and potentially disable) user router use.  Load Data does not do any harm.  Don't change anything within the grid of users though.
robrandonAuthor Commented:
Ok.  I found the correct location.  The checkbox, "Delete messages in forward mailbox after processing", IS checked.  I have attached the screenshot.

Ok, so it looks like it is setup to delete the messages, but it isn't.  The Test Access works ok.

Any idea how to get those messages deleted?  Right now we have over 80,000 items in the mailbox.  :)
robrandonAuthor Commented:
Also, in the meantime, can I safely delete messages from that mailbox?
So, we don't necessarily want to go crazy and delete the emails, we want the router service to do that, which for some reason, it is not.

I would do 3 things:
1. Check the Router server Event Log to make sure there are no errors
2. Test the functionality -
a. create a dummy contact in CRM (you may want to work with a CRM user if you are strictly IT) with an email outside your organization (if you have a yahoo or hotmail or something that will work fine).  
b. then click Send Email.  Fill it out with dummy information and send it.  
c. The email should appear in the History for the Contact.  
d. Then make sure the user you sent it as has the forward mailbox as their method AND they have a rule deployed in Outlook (probably simpler to look at the Server rules within their outlook).  
e. Reply from the yahoo/hotmail or whatever address.
f. The email should come back to the User, then be forwarded as an attachment to CRMMail, then be read by the router and processed into the History of the contact, then deleted permanently from the CRMMail mailbox.  - what part of this doesn't work?
 (do you use a Tracking Token in the outgoing emails default is CRM:XXXXXXXXX where X is numbers)

3. if all of the above is normal and functional, determine the status of the emails in the CRMMail mailbox, are they in the Inbox or an Undeliverable folder underneath.  You can CHECK this in OWA, but if you need to fix anything, I highly suggest using Outlook

Move any mail from Undeliverable (if exists) to the Inbox (you may want to make sure that the first few actuall get processed and not put back in Undeliverable before you move them all :)

If you use a token, you can write a temporary rule that moves everything with the token prefix (CRM:) into a new box under the inbox, then delete the rest.  Move Tokened back to Inbox and test.

How old are the emails that don't appear to be moving?
Also, if the Router isn't on the Exchange server, can you check the event log there and see if there is anything related to that CRMMail account (problems deleting or permissions issue)  I doubt that it is permissions.

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robrandonAuthor Commented:
Wow.  Ok, tons of errors in the Application Log on the email router server.  

Half of them are reference an email in the crmmail mailbox, saying "An error occurred while checking the e-mail message with subject.... This is from an email in early Semptember.

The Other half are explaining the email router service could not process a provider work item using assembly, blah blah blah (referencing code variables)

I'm thinking of trying to manually delete that one email from the mailbox.  Do you think that is safe?  Is there another course of action I should take?

I fully agree with deleting the September email.

I have seen emails with strange characters stop the router in its tracks.

You could move it out of the inbox as that is the only place the router will read.

Was there an undeliverable folder?

I would also restart the router service following the deletion.
I have also seen a bad run of the rule deployment wizard to cause issues with the router function.  Check the HKLM|Software|Microsoft|MSCRMEmail hive to determine if the email address is correct as well as the URL.
robrandonAuthor Commented:
Once removing that email from the mailbox, the remaining messages have begun processing.  This is going to take some time - I estimate about 22 hours to process the remaining items.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for your help.
Glad its working again.
robrandonAuthor Commented:
I should have known better than not even looking in the event log.  Once I removed the message it was hung up on, it processed the remaining 80,000+ items.  Just had to watch the exchange transaction log free disk space.

Thanks for your help!!!
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