Transfer file stuck on email attachment import

I have a laptop that is trying to sync with goldsync.  It receives all  of the transfer files and begins to import them.  It gets stuck on the same email attachment file every time I sync.  The gold mine on the remote laptop then stops responding and the goldmine program has to be forcibly killed.
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Without seeing it fail it's a little tough to diagnose and recommend a cure.

1. If possible, detach or delete the attachment on the server, and see if you can complete the sync.
2. If yes, just send the attachment over separately and use the Links tab to link it to the contact record.
3. The problem could be the indexes on your notebook -- perform maintenance: File | Maintain databases, etc.
3a. Are you using Corporate or Standard? If Standard, perform maintenance on the server GoldMine as well.
4. Does this happen with any other notebook that syncs?
piggysmacksAuthor Commented:
Thank you  for the response, it is much appreciated.

1. I did delete the attachment on the server, and I was surprised to see the same message when the transfer file was being imported.
2.  How do you send over attachment separately?
3.  I just did a database maintenance last night, but I don't have access to the office where the problem is happening until later tonight. I will try it and see if it works
3a.  Corporate Edition
4. there is only one user that syncs
1. So it's not really the attachment that was causing the problem.
2. Its a moot point; but you would email it over and then simply link the file to the contact record.
3. OK
3a. Don't do maintenance on the server, unless you want to just re-index; i.e. DO NOT CHECK THE BOX FOR "REBUILD!!!"
4. OK

Please check disk space on the remote. You may be running into an ancient BDE bug related to "disk full." The bug shows itself when you have an exact multiple of 4.0GB free disk space, i.e. 4, 8, 16, 68, etc. The bug manifests itself via the BDE believing that the disk is actually full, though obviously it's not. It's possible that during the sync process the drive on that remote is going from 4.02 GB free, downward to 4.00, at which point the BDE freaks out and fails the operation.

If that is what you're experiencing, the workaround is to "eat" som disk up (say, by copy/pasting a large file a couple of times) to get your machine down to 3.95GB free.
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piggysmacksAuthor Commented:
I will give your suggestions a try..... I am at a loss.

I did a db maintenance on the laptop, but I have not tested the results as of yet. I will check the drive space on the server.

Would it help if I synced everything from scratch?  and to do that, would I have to delete and re-install goldmine on the laptop? or can I force a complete sync of all data from the server somehow.

thank you for your suggestions.

Another point... did this machine sync "just fine" for quite a long while, and start exhibiting this behaviour suddenly/recently? Was there no apparent triggering point you can identify relative to the onset of this symptom?
piggysmacksAuthor Commented:
that is correct.  It has been working fine for a long time up until this point.

OK, so, again, I'd lay odds on that BDE bug being operative. Again, you're looking for a  multiple of 4.00 GB free on the notebook.
piggysmacksAuthor Commented:
I thought the BDE bug was because of the server side.  I would have to rule out that because we moved goldmine from the original laptop that was having problems onto a new laptop.  I did this just by copying the root GM file system to the new laptop.

The new laptop gets stuck in the same spot as the old one.  That is why I am at the point where I was thinking... can I just re-install gm clean on the laptop and do a full sync?

I am no GM expert... I am just trying to help out my father in law, however I have been developing software for 13 years.  If you have any crazy technical things to try, I am all for it.  

BDE is always required to run this version of GoldMine, and it's a per-workstation issue. (It is possible to store the BDE files on a server, but its the workstations that must each have a pointer in their registry for the centralized BDE).

On a remote or notebook, the BDE will always reside on that device.

To answer your question, yes, you can re-install and re-sync from scratch.  But that could be a lot of work.

If you want to try something else:

1. Take note of the sync cuttoff date on the server, and then set it to today. The purpose of this is to see whether a "minimal" sync will succeed. You'll need to set the date back again afterwards.

2. If you've already tried another notebook, that suggests that the problem is in the data. Do a comprehensive Maintenance on the notebook, including All Files, and including Rebuild | Sort | Verify. Then try again.

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piggysmacksAuthor Commented:

I will give all of your suggestions a try ending with the rebuild/sort/verify.  I am going in this weekend.  I will let you know how it works out.  thank you for your time.

Closing is fine, but... how 'bout "accepting" the solution?!

piggysmacksAuthor Commented:
whoops, new at this.  thanks for all your help.
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