Can i delete .bmc file

Am i  supposed to delete .bmc file in local setting in terminal server profile?

C:\Documents and Settings\peterj\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache\bcache22.bmc
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It's the bitmap cache file of your RDP Client. No harm to delete it. And you could configure your RDP Clients not to use bitmap caching if it bothers you (not sure if bitmap caching of any use for you anyway.. on a LAN it doesn't matter at all).
Anyway, to avoid those files are getting very large, you need to make sure your RDP client has bitmap caching turned off. The default settings of a RDP Client are saved in Default.rdp in the My Documents folder of each profile (hidden file). Make sure it has the bitmapcachepersistenable parameter set to 0. Same goes with saved RDP-files.
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