How do I get Server 2003 r2 to see more than 2TB of disk space?

How do I get Server 2003 r2 to see more than 2TB of disk space?
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Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
You need to make sure the drive is Dynamic.

"If you want to use volumes larger than 2 TB, you must use dynamic spanned, striped, or RAID-5 volumes."
you have to convert the volume to a GPT volume.
this can be done via "disk Management", right click on the volume and select convert to ...
you have to delete all partitions / data before this can be done.

now I found the link,
see for details from microsoft
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romans3Author Commented:
I have a total of 3.8 TB configured in Raid 5 when I set the machine up I create a boot partition of 30GB. Must I rather put the full 3.8 TB in a partition when I set the machine up to load Windows server?
Sorry but I have no expirience with this and cannot help you further.
Maybe the additional information in following links can help.

As far I have read you need a EFI system partition: see
for information about Windows and GPT see

romans3Author Commented:
I have fixed the problem. You first have to use the IBM Server 8k Raid utility to create 2 logical drives, after this you can run the IBM Server Guide software and set the server up. As soon as all instalations are complete before loading any data or creating partisions on the second logical drive you convert it to GPT through the Disk Manager as it allows it on the second logical drive and not the first logical drive that contains your windows installation. After conversion the full disk space is available for use and you can then partision as you like.

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