getting quotes

ok im trying to get quotes from my forum so users are able to quote other users posts...

what i came upwith is this

on the forumpgae display a quote button that has a form like so

   <form action="index.php?page=reply&id=<? echo $forumpostid ?>" method="post" name="quote">
        <input name="quote3" type="hidden" value="<? echo $getreplies3['postid'];?>" />
        <input type="submit" value="quote" />

then on the action page display a textbox that shows the below code... the thing is nothing shows up in the textbox ??
<textarea id="inputforum" class="inputforum" name='yourpost' rows='5' cols='40'><?php if(isset($_POST['quote'])) {
                        $quote= $_POST['quote'];
 <? echo $quote; }?> </textarea>

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Sholdn't you be refering to the hidden input named "quote3"? $_POST['quote3']...
Ray PaseurCommented:
You may want to show us a little more of this than what you posted above.  Where do these variables come from?

Also, in your input you have <input name=quote3 but in your action script you have if(isset($_POST['quote'] and I think you'll find that quote3 and quote are not the same thing.
runnerjpAuthor Commented:
ahh yes got it working :)... is this the best way to do it?

also below is how i show my quotes..

how could i make it look like the image added so that the user who quoted it is added ect and it looks smart?

"[quote]" => "<p style=\"background: #E2E2E2; border: 1px solid #99b3b4; padding: 6px;\"><span style=\"font: bold 10px Courier New;\"></span>", "[/quote]" => "</p>" 

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runnerjpAuthor Commented:
or anything fancy like that~?
Ray PaseurCommented:
I think your quote scheme looks fine.

<snip>how could i make it look like the image</snip>

That's really a separate question.  What you're looking for is called a "teaser fragment" in online journalism.

Anyway, glad you got the input and action scripts working together!  Best regards, ~Ray

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