Cisco IEV archive file

Does anyone know the name and directory of the IEV file to restore from archive?
The situation is I uninstalled IEV to install IME and now need reports going back 6 months for a PCI audit. I've reinstalled IEV on a different PC hoping to use the archived files to run the report but can't figure out the path for the archives. I really need this info today for a client hence the urgency. Thanks very much for any help.
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In the newly installed IEV, check at Edit  > Preferences  > Data Archival Setup, you should get the location. (Hopefully you hadn't changed this location earlier).

Also Check this;


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cavacamiteAuthor Commented:
Hi Rajesh,
Thanks. Unfortunately in data archival setup there's no file location for the archives. However, I have been able to restore the files I need from tape backup located at Cisco Systems\Cisco IPS Event Viewer\MySQL\data\alarmDB. The archive files will either be in folder alarmDB or compressedDB.
Thanks again.
Oh. that is a relief :-) Glad that you got it.

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