Error using Internet explorer!


please view the following site using firefox and IE!

You will notice that using FF the site looks fine but when using IE there is a white square appearing under the menu's, any ideas?

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wickedpassion--Using IE, I went to the page and am not sure what "white square" you are talking about.  I do not see anything immediately under the "menus", but I am not sure what you mean by "menus".  (Home, Contact, About, etc.?)
There is a fairly large rectangular white box about 1/3rd the way down the page covering about half the width of the page from the left  with boxes to enter User ID and Password and a LogIn button.  Is this the square you are talking about?  
wickedpassionAuthor Commented:
Yes that's the white box this does not appear in FF any idea's what it is?

wickedpassion--See my earlier post.  "boxes to enter User ID and Password and a LogIn button"
If you do not see the login boxes in FF, can you use the page without problems?  
What do you actually see in IE?  Can you log in?  Do you have to in order to use the page?  
I am not sure what your question is at this point.
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wickedpassionAuthor Commented:
The white box is not part of the login module.

I believe this may be some kind of Joomla issue with regard to png images but I'm struggling to find a fix and unlike FF, IE does not have a plugin that allows me to view what and where this image (presumably a graphic of some kind) is coming from or located should I say.

If I can find out what it is I will simply delete the damn thing!

Thanks jcimarron
wickedpassion--I just back to that page and no longer see the white space.  I think there was something wrong with the coding and the webmaster fixed it.
wickedpassion--My post above should read "I just went back to that page and no longer see the white space.  I think there was something wrong with the coding and the webmaster has now fixed it."
wickedpassionAuthor Commented:

thanks for trying I've sorted it now it was a Java issue which I have modified to suit a IE environment.

Many thanks anyway, is it unethical or against the T&C to award you the points anyway?

wickedpassion--If you feel I have somehow helped (if only helping you diagnose the problem), it is perfectly legitimate to award me the points.  It is up to the asker of the question.
I understand you are involved with coding that page.  Looks nice now.

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wickedpassionAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your support jc its good to chat and get idea's through the thoughts that the conversation inspires!

wickedpassion--Thanks to you, and good to know that the issue is satisfactorily resolved.  
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