PHP doesn't access root directory using forward slash "/"

My folder structure is like this


- myfile.php


Now when I have to include my header and footer in myfile .php i use

include('../common/header.php'); ?>

and for index I use

include('common/header.php'); ?>

I am going to have more sub directories and to keep things neat I would  like to define a common root directory and instruct php to look from there and not the directory the file is in.

I can do this with HTML by putting a forward slash, how can this be achieved with php.

BTW I am on a mac 10.5.5 running MAMP as my localhost.



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Ray PaseurCommented:
Look into getcwd() and $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] - you can use these to sort it out very easily.

Here is what I use to get the common configurator file for my other directories.

Best, ~Ray
$config_page	= $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . '/' . '_config.php'; require_once($config_page);

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Beverley PortlockCommented:
There are two different directory structures involved. Let look at a typical set up

A website which is hosted on a server at /www/htdocs/ex. It has a subfolder called "images".

To the webserver the images directory is at

To the server the images directory is at /www/htdocs/ex/images

There are two "root" directories and they do not match up. The website's "root" starts after the domain so to it /images means whereas to the server /images is a top level folder.

The way round this is to define things relative to the webroot, but for URLs expand them to a full URL. It sounds messy, but it is sure to work. So use

define ('IMAGES', '../path/to/images');
$img = "<img src='". IMAGES ."'/myimage.jpg />";

$link = "<a href='http://{$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']}/'>My link</a>
I'm going to assume you're using a configuration file in your setup.

Let's assume you're placing it in "common/" folder: "common/config.php" for instance.

Load that file in each scripts:

require '../common/config.php';

and in "config.php", you could define a constant:

define('BASE_FOLDER', realpath(dirname('..'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.__FILE__)));

Then you'd be able to use BASE_FOLDER in other files, regardless of their location.

include BASE_FOLDER .'/subfolder/path/file.php';

You could also include the "config.php" by a simple:

require 'config.php';

provided you setup your include_path to include the full path to the common/ folder.
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