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Is it possible to get php to manually cache all images for a website when the home page is loaded, allowing the other pages to load more quickly? This may or may not be a good idea, but the site is small so the total number of images will take about 5 secs on a 10Mbit line. The graphics are complex and need to be single jpgs rather than css trickery.

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Have you tried putting the images into the $_SESSION array?  You might also want to look into memcached.

And you might also want to look into higher JPG compression or combining small images into larger ones.  The overhead to load each little image is the same as the overhead to load one large image.  This overhead may turn out to be greater than the extra work required for the one large image!

best regards, ~Ray

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Ray PaseurCommented:
Also, post a link to the site with the graphics on it - there may be other ideas once I have seen what you are doing now.

Thanks, ~Ray
DiegloRaveeeoNufcRaverAuthor Commented:

the site is currently comprising of several medium sized images (1000*300 or 400*400 etc.). The link is:
Ray PaseurCommented:
Your site seems very fast - the pages loaded instantly.  I would not worry too much about this if I were you.  

You cannot control the speed of the client connection, and the site may appear slow to anyone using dial-up or slow connections, but on a T-1 it's just fine.

If you are concerned about the speed on a slow connection, your only choice is to redesign the site to use lower-weight graphics.  But as I said, its inherent performance looks great to me.

Best regards, ~Ray
DiegloRaveeeoNufcRaverAuthor Commented:

I've been trying to find percentages of people using broadband as oppose to dial-up because I'm on a 10MBit line and I'm not sure how many other people are. I would expect the site to be promoted to other people with quite high connections due to the nature of the content and the artists promoted and so it wouldnt be a huge problem but it was interesting to find out. I'll check out the solutions you mentioned in the first post never the less.

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