Quark crashes while editing file

I am editing a short book in QuarkXPress Passport 7.3 on a PC, and whenver I try to change the style on one particular paragraph, Quark freezes up and crashes. It doesn't seem to happen at any other point in the document and it doesn't matter what style I try to change this paragraph to.

All help appreciated!
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mguentherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Creating a new box and then relinking should work, no need to move boxes.

Thumbnail drag recreates the document and element structure and "repairs" the document in 99% of all cases. If the issue is within a text chain though, that might not help.
Hi, there,

it is most likely oen of two things: Corrupt font (check with a font doctor or replace the font completely) or corrupt text chain (delete it or do a thumbnail drag of the document).

Though it is probably unrelated, do an update to 7.5, it is free and fixes bugs.

cpentletonAuthor Commented:
The font is fine; I use this extensively in designing books, haven't had a problem, but re-checked it to be on the safe side.

What is a corrupt text chain? I haven't come across that term before. I just attempted to delete the offending text, and Quark crashed again.
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With "text chain" I mean a flow, a piece of text.

Can you delete the box that contains text? Does thumbnail drag of the document help?
cpentletonAuthor Commented:
Well, I deleted the text box, and was then able to edit the text when it flowed onto the next page with a crash. thanks!

Of course now I have to move every text box on the next 90 pages back to fill the hole on the page left by the deleted box. NOT a good way to design books!

But thanks for solving my immediate problem.

Never got to try thumbnail dragging. What would that have done?
cpentletonAuthor Commented:
Thanks! This problem has only cropped up one other time in 8 years, but you've given me some tools in case it comes up again.
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