Best practice for configuring PHPMyAdmin with IIS?

Attempting to use PHPMyAdmin with a MySQL database on IIS. I have the server setup with php and can see the PHPMyAdmin page, however unlike good ol' WAMP looks like there is a lot to do here. I would like to mock what WAMP does if at all possible.

So I am looking for an "easy" best practice as configure PHPMyAdmin.

I am going to be authoring ColdFusion pages with the MySQL database and would like to use PHPMyAdmin or something similar to manage the database side.

Thanks ahead of time for your help.
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Andrew MaurerCommented:
Why not just use MySQL administrator like a real man? (or woman) =p

JK about the real man/woman part.. but are you already using PHP and ColdFusion on the same server? If not, why not just admin your database with the administrator tools from
fpstechAuthor Commented:
Yeah I have a MySQL administrator but it doesn't seem to let me see the tables and all like PHPMyAdmin does. Since I have worked with PHPMyAdmin and know it a little I was just trying to avoid more reading. That and there are several on the net falling over themselves to say that PHPMyAdmin is the greatest software in the world.

I did find a tool by Navicat that lets me see the data and hopefully will allow me to import CSVs etc.

So maybe I am being "soft" and I should ask questions concerning MySQL administrator...thoughts?
I use HeidiSQL 3, ( it does all that stuff, it's free too.

I find it easier to use for manipulating dbs and tables and doing queries although mysqladmin is better for monitoring and backup.


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fpstechAuthor Commented:
Works for me thanks...this is what I was looking is key
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