Search for ampersand in SQL Server data

I would like to find rows that have ampersands in a column.
Normally, I would write this:
Select myColumn from mytable where myColumn like '%SEARCHSTRING%'
But if I put the ampersand in there, obviously it doesn't work: (returns all rows)
Select myColumn from mytable where myColumn like '%%%'

Thanks for your help
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select * from myTable where myColumn like '%[%]%'

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Patrick MatthewsCommented:

Select myColumn from mytable where myColumn like '%&%'

if that doesn't work:

Select myColumn from mytable where charindex('&', myColumn) > 0
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
mcoleson said:
>>I would like to find rows that have ampersands in a column.

Are you looking for ampersand, which is &, or the % symbol?
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LIKE '%[%]%'
mcolesonAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I said ampersand. I meant the percent symbol.
Patrick MatthewsCommented:

Why did you select jogos's post when chapmandrew had an identical suggestion a bit earlier?


My thoughts exactly....
Indeed my post wasn't the first (and also didn't comment on the ampersand-% mixup). Nearly simultainous comments it would be fair to
- give it to the first
- or at least share the points (assisted solution)

Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Given that the posts were potentially just a few seconds apart, I think a split would have been fair.

It would be nice to be a party to the split, seeing as I went with the ampersand, but not necessary :)
mcolesonAuthor Commented:
OK, I'll gladly split the points. I guess I acted too quickly.
mcolesonAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to go back and split points? Sorry, I don't see how to do that after accepting the solution.
I really do appreciate all your very fast responses!!
Patrick MatthewsCommented:

No worries--it happens :)

The thing to do is to use the 'request attention' link just under your original question text, and dash out a note
saying that you'd like this question reopened.  The Mods usually respond to these within 24 hours.  Then, once
the question is reopened, you can enter a split.


I don't mind the reopening.  But one time you will get a few points more, another time you get a few less where you worked hard for and a some bloke changes 2 characters in a sql and get your points.

I do it for fun.
mcolesonAuthor Commented:
This works perfectly. Thank you
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