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Windows Command line basics

I need a .cmd file to create a directory based on value supplied as arg 2 and copy all of the files from a directory whose name is partially suppllied by arg1

I want to be able to enter "test  1234 5678" and have a directory named 5678ver made and all of the files copied from 1234ver into it.

I cut/pasted what I have done thus far and for some reason it does not do the copy....the directory gets created OK but the files do not get copied....

echo on
if "%1"=="" goto badArgs
if "%2"=="" goto badArgs
mkdir %2%ver
copy "%1%ver\*.for %2%ver\*.*"  
goto exit

Echo "Old and new numbers required as start arguments"
1 Solution
Hi smm57,

IMO there are two problems:

1. Instead of using '%1%' and '%2%' in the 'copy'-statement you should use '%1' and '%2'
2. With escaping the whole expression after 'copy' by "-s the whole expression is passed as one argument.

This should work - replace this line:

> copy "%1%ver\*.for %2%ver\*.*"  

with this one:

> copy "%1ver\*.for" "%2ver\*.*"

Hope that helps,

smm57Author Commented:
Yes, that did it thanks

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