CD ROM writing formats and readability

I have an old CD that was burnt in 2002, which holds a folder with some images on it.  

The CD was sitting in my cabinet unmarked.  A buddy of mine took the CD thinking it was empty and burnt some more images on the same disk.  (used New and different computer than was used in 2002).

So now, he brings the CD home and inserts it into his computer and ONLY sees the images from 2002.  When I insert the disk into any of the computers I have here (MAC OSX, Fedora Linux, or Vista) they all see the new images burnt on there just the other day and the old images are not able to be found.

Does anyone have any idea how this would happen or how I can retrieve the old files without driving all the way to my buddies house (a couple hours away)???
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Here's a link explaining the formats:

Can you tell us the cdrom drive used and software used to burn (you and your friend).  

Ultimately you may be able to load the software that he used and be able to see the information.

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I've seen that case before, the only thing is that you have to drive and get your files, or try a new cd drive.

Why that happen? The cause is when burning the CD with old driver and new driver.
How that happen? I Don't have an idea, but think that when burning with deferment level of intensity the old has less power, then when reading the new one can see the old and visavers.
It would be two deferent layers one over the other due to deferent laser intensities, there is nothing related to the format, I think.
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