I want to transfer stored procedures from my development db to testing/production db without copying all the tables views etc. over.

I am working on an Intranet for my company using ASP.net and Sql Server Express.  I have Sql Server 2005 Standard on the test server.

I have the data model I want and will only add tables from here with out changing any existing tables since there are dozens of stored procedures using them already.  While I am adding pages and content to the Web App I add stored procedures and tables or change existing stored procedures and then transfer the changes over to the test server for testing.  When I copy the data file from the development computer to the test server I have been copying the whole file over which means any test data added to the test server gets erased.  

I Want to be able to update the stored procedures with out copying over the whole data file from the development computer to the test server.  Can this be done by simply passing the ldf file?  Is it possible to copy individual stored procedures, and tables from one data file to another?
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jogosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<Can this be done by simply passing the ldf file?  >

In management studio select your database - Right clic - All tasks - Generate sql
Then you select what you want to transfer and a sql-statement will be generated for you
CW596Author Commented:
I pretty much figured that that would be the way to go.  I will keep the question open for a day or two just in case someone else has something.

Thanks jogos

for 75 points, i doupt it
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