Print spooler crashes on workstation when adding specific network printer.

I have a workstation running Windows XP SP3 attempting to add a network printer that is installed on a Windows 2003 Standard server.  The printer is an HP LaserJet 8150dn.  When I browse the network to the server and double click the printer, it starts copying the drivers and installing the printer but then halts with the error:

Spooler SubSystem App has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I check the services, and sure enough the workstation's spooler has crashed.  This happens on all workstations.  The flip side is that everyone with the printer already installed is printing just fine.  Another interesting point is that I have both PCL and PS drivers installed and both yield the same results.

I have used PrintMIG to back up the printers and their configurations from the server, and then tried updating the printer driver to the latest available from HP's website.  I have also tried deleting the port and re-creating it. Thinking that was the only common link between those two printers on the server (Being that the PS and PCL versions are separate drivers.)

I am at a loss. I would rather not delete the PCL and PS printer from the server and re-create it because I have one user that is very particular about the output of his prints, and I will spend a month getting all of the settings just right for him.  But, I will do what I have to do.
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jon_xionoixConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Guys thanks for your help.  I resolved the issue by deleting the printer and drivers from the server and re-adding it.  I then deleted the printer from the user's machine and then re-added it.

Just to let you know that whenever I install new drivers on this print server I backup everything with Microsoft's PRINTMIG (just in case,) and then I delete ALL of the printers, restart the spooler, and delete ALL of the drivers and non MS monitors.  I then install everything fresh just to make sure it's to the MFG's specs.

This solved the problem in my environment.
This has just happened to some of my users as well.  Exchanged their desktops for laptops, they can add certain printers, but when they choose the "BAD" printer, they get
Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close.
Then they try again, and get
Operation could not be completed - which is because thew spooler is stopped.
MS thinks you might have third party software LexMark, or need to modify reg.  I can add most printers, so the fix doesn't apply for me, maybe for you..  Post what you find out..
Mikael JanssonCommented:
Have you at any time used HP Universal print driver on the print queue on the server and then changed this to HP 8150 driver without re-creating the print queue?
if yes, then its probably incorrect information in the registry on the print server that is replicated to the client when connecting to it.
I would in any case try to delete the print queue from the print server and then create a new printqueue with the same name, this will reduce the possibilities that there is incorrect data in the registry for that print queue.
Just as a note, if you have problems with a driver or settings in the registry regarding printing its most likely that you will bring those issues with you when using PrintMig.
/ Mikael
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