How to sync one powerpoint presentation in two PC

How to make one identical powerpoint file to sync when it is presented in multiple PCs.
it is a master/slave setup, when the slide is advanced/rewind in the master PC, the powerpoint in the slave PC will follow.
All PC are well connected by network.
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I don't know if this will be of any help, but...

There is hardware/software combination called "Master Cue" by Interspace Industries.  This connects two or more PCs and feeds each computer the same forward/backward commands from the remote controller.  We use it to keep the backup laptop synced and ready if the primary goes down.

Another solution that we've used successfully is Bome's MIDI translator, in combination with a MIDI sequencer.  Bome's software lets you assign (for example) MIDI note C1 to the PgUp key and C#1 to the PgDn key.  You could automate the presentation by recording your corresponding MIDI notes into a sequencer.  

When the sequence is played back, any connected computers will play back the presentation "in sync".  You could also drive the presentations in real time or set the slides to change precisely in time with a chosen soundtrack, without depending on PowerPoint for your audio.  

This only works if the computers are in reasonable proximity.  There are various MIDI over Ethernet apps, but I haven't used any and doubt they'd function past a router.
This took a while to find! I was familiar with using multiple monitors but not showing a powerpoint on multiple PCs.
On that page it says that you will have to share your desktop to these computers.

Webex, Netmeeting, Sametime, allow you to share your desktop to other computers, but you may need to call your IT department to see what application they have that allows you to share your presentation.

Other options are remote controllers such as Tight VNC (
(TightVNC is free)

I haven't used this software but it looks cool and you can't beat the price ;-)

Other remote controllers:

RealVNC -
or  UltraVNC  -

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